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My name is Chap, the owner of Fig Jam Studio, and the guy who will be behind the camera on your wedding day. Your day matters to me, and I know the most important person at the wedding is the bride. I'll need to know some details about your day so I know what to expect.
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What's your name? *

First and Last.
Your day is a big deal, and I hope to join you. First, let me know the date of your ceremony to see if I can make it... *

If I'm not available on this date, I'll let you know immediately.
Will your wedding be in the Charleston area?

Travel outside the area may cost extra, but I'm not against Caribbean weddings :)
Where do you plan on tying the knot? *

Please list both the ceremony and reception if they are in different locations.
What package looks most interesting to you? *

We'll lock this in later, but it helps to know what you're looking for.

Are you interested in any of the add-ons?

You get one with the Standard and four with the Premium, or pay an additional fee with the Basic plan.

Is there a particular style of video that you're going for?

Fig Jam obviously has a signature style, but we want this to be something you cherish forever, so we're open to ideas.
I'll be in touch soon with my availability and to discuss this with you a little more. What is your 10-digit phone number? *

Numbers only please (no dashes or dots).
Do you have any other questions or thoughts you want to share?

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